"Crumble Royal Z"

2017 I Stallion I  Cicero Z x Balou Du Rouet

From the direct family of VDL Group Quinara (CSI 1,60m) & Eurocommerce Memphis (CSI 1,60m)!

                        Crumble Royal Z (ET) & Castaar Royal Z


Crumble Royal Z came from stem 1866, the "Farnese stem".

1st DAM Batida Royal Z was a very promising youngster with a lot of technique and sharpness on the fences. This quality and her excellent exterior makes her a very interesting breedingmare for our studfarm!

2th DAM Sofia is the dam of:

  • Wodka ('06 v.Ephebe for Ever): CSI 1,40m.
  • Mythos ('07 Montender): CSIYH
  • Intense Royal Z ('14 Inshallah de Muze): CSIYH

3th DAM Lara Sofia is the dam of:

  • VDL Group Quinara ('00 v.Quinar): CSI 1,60m with Leopold Van Asten. This duo was 7th in the final of the Global Champions Tour 2011 Abu Dhabi.
  • Eurocommerce Memphis ('01 v.Quinar): CSI 1,60m "Albführens Memphis" with Steve Guerdat. Approved Z stallion, winner of the stallion competition 2005 in Holland.
  • Quinton ('05 v.Quinar): Approved Holsteiner stallion and "siegerhengst 2008" in Denmark. Father from Quintino, CSI 1,60m with Christian Kukuk.
  • Anna Sofia ('08 v.Quo Vados I): CSI 1,40m.

                       mother: Batida Royal Z ('12 v.Balou du Rouet) 

Intense Royal Z ('14 v.Inshallah de Muze) - CSIYH

                            Mythos ('07 v.Montender) - CSIYH